Coeliac / IBS / IBD

IBS / IBD Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis / Coeliac Disease

Many individuals with gastrointestinal disorders have had to endure pain as a direct result of putting food into their body. This can lead to a complex relationship with food, a fear of food, and possibly some forms of disordered eating. Some people may lose weight if they are suffering from loose stools, or from avoiding eating certain foods that they believe are exacerbating their symptoms. Weight gain may also be experienced as a result of particular medication, especially steroid treatment. This can cause some people to feel like they have lost control of their body and weight, and can lead to other psychological problems.


At Insight Eating, we can offer care packages that include both a psychologist and a dietitian. This means we can help people to tackle the underlying psychological problems, as well as develop an individualised nutritional strategy that meets a person’s nutritional needs and manages their symptoms.