Overeating is often thought of as a lack of “willpower” or a problem with liking food too much. The dieting industry likes us to believe that the answer to this is to diet and just stop eating as much - its easy-right? Well actually the reasons people overeat are multiple and complex and the answer is certainly not a question of just eating less. There are a range of factors that can lead to overeating and like many eating problem they may start in childhood, or even before we are born. Studies show that maternal health and diet play a big role in their offspring’s genetics, and influence appetite and body type even before birth.


Once born a multitude of factors influence our relationship with food from an early age-how we are fed, weaned and how our families relate to food. Children soon learn to override their natural fullness signals, and finish what is on their plate. As adults we have a complex system of hormones that regulate appetite and body weight that resists attempts to lose weight by responding with increased hunger. We are also able to use food to help us manage emotions-as reward, comfort, punishment, boredom or excitement.


We also feel that we must conform to certain body type and strive to lose weight, developing strict food rules, or trying diet after diet. After a while negative thinking patterns develop, and critical thoughts associated with negative feelings serve to make us feel bad and seek the solution in yet another diet. At Insighteating we understand that overeating is certainly not simple and it’s not about willpower or feeling a failure because you can’t stick to a diet.


We will support you to develop an understanding of your eating, and work with you to develop skills and strategies so you can begin to gain more control over your food intake. We also acknowledge the role that feelings and thinking styles can play in maintaining weight problems, and offer holistic care from nutrition and behaviour change to changing the way you think about food, or view your body.