Persistant Physical Symptoms

What are Persistent Physical Symptoms?

In the past, many people with long-term pain and long term conditions were treated using medications or invasive procedures, however,  in recent years, research has shown that there is limited evidence that these treatments don't work and in the longer term can be detrimental and make quality of life worse.  The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) no longer recommend these treatments for a number of conditions.

The Team at Insight recommend a  rehabilitative approach involving psychological therapies and physiotherapy/ occupational therapy-based interventions, which have been shown to have a positive impact for people experiencing persistent physical symptoms. We understand that physical and mental health problems are inextricably linked.

The Insight Team will help you to explore and understand your symptoms and how these link to other life events. The Team will help understand these symptoms and help you find strategies to manage these more effectively eg

  • Finding a diet that is anti-inflammatory  and will help with your symptoms
  • Helping you to improve your sleep
  • Helping to manage and understand fatigue and energy restoration
  • Managing unhelpful thoughts
  • Managing anxiety, low mood, and stress
  • Helping you to learn how to take care of yourself
  • Building better routines and more meaningful activities
  • Helping you make the links between life events have impacted on your physical and mental health

We do not offer medication advice, or send people for tests or scans.